Monday, 3 October 2011

Behind The Scenes - Spirithoods

What do you get when you mix, 8 models, 6 make-up artists, a creative director, a photographer and 8 Spirithoods? An amazing photoshoot that captures the spirit of each animal in each image.

A cult item in the US, Spirithoods have only recently been introduced to the Australian market. Seen on celebrities around the world, there are a variety of Spirithoods to choose from to suit any personality. 

In a concept created by Thom from Everyone's Celebrity, each make-up artist was given the challenge to transform their model into the their chosen spirithood without making the model look too theatrical.

Captured in the studio by the talented Myung Ho Kim the model 'became' their animal in this amazing shoot.

Check out the amazing final shots and behind the scenes action:


Click here for more images from Everyone's Celebrity.

Behind the scenes action:
Miss Aimmey doing Jess' make-up for the Red Wolf Spirithood
Check out more images at Aimmey's blog here!
Justine making up Lorna for the Leopard Spirithood
Creative Director Thom with Jess and Aimmey

Having fun with the hoods!

The stunning Jess 
Leopard spots for Lorna
Ross giving Sofia some panda eyes for the Panda Spirithood
Lorna working it for the camera
So cute!
Kate turning Jayde into a Husky
Congratulations to the team on an amazing shoot, and a big thanks to Thom for letting me come behind the scenes!

To get your very own Spirithood visit Lenko Boutique.

Images by Suzanna Zhang and Stylus Muse


  1. What an amazing shoot!!! The images turned out great!

  2. Stunning pictures:) It's great to see behind the scenes of a shoot too:)

    Great post!


  3. Such a great concept! Thanks for sharing this fantastic shoot:) will definitely be checking out Lenko for my own Spirithood!


  4. OMG... The Panda Spirithood is so cute! :D


  5. LOVE IT!! Will be going to Lenko to buy a SpiritHood!


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