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Désir du jour - Roland Mouret

Mouret's famous Galaxy dress
Roland Mouret's designs have the ability to flatter anyone's shape. Enrolling in fashion college in 1979 but then quitting soon after to gain some life experience, Mouret began working as a model and stylist at French Elle and Glamour magazine. Mouret was soon approached by Jean Paul Gaultier to work on his forthcoming menswear show. Working with one of fashion's most adventurous designers, allowed Mouret to gain a wealth of experience. After moving to London in 1994 to design for the People Corporation label, Mouret soon gained the confidence to launch his own label after his designs were well-received.

In February 1998, Mouret showed his first collection at London Fashion Week. Every piece in the collection was handmade without the use of a pattern. In order to achieve the most flattering silhouettes for his designs, Mouret draped and folded material straight on to fit models, fastening the fabrics with hatpins and stud fasteners. His show was critically acclaimed with his classically tailored designs appreciated for their femininity and minimalism.

Sarah Murdoch in Roland
Mouret at this year's Logies
After entering into a partnership in 2000 with Sharai and Andre Meyers to produce his designs, Mouret resigned in 2005 to go it alone. His time in the partnership allowed him to build a solid understanding about business which served him well when he started his own label.

In September 2005, Mouret's now famous Galaxy dress was launched. Worn by some of the most recognisable celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham, the Galaxy dress redefined tailoring and shape. It was described as "the most recognisable dress of the last decade."

Since 2005, Mouret has done numerous successful collaborations including a collection for Gap's (RED) initiative which supports organisations fighting AIDS in africa and several satellite collections which were launched on Net-A-Porter.

In 2010, Mouret introduced a menswear collection to his label, alongside his female ready-to-wear collection. In September 2010, Mouret secured the rights to market his designs under his name, making him one of the only fashion designers in the world to have done so.

With a new flagship store opening in London this year, Mouret continues to go from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down.

Mouret's beautiful Nikiya Cutout Crepe Gown with front split is an eye-catching work of art. Its flattering silhouette is emphasised by the unique colour of the gown. Intricate front detailing is typical of Mouret's work. Available for £1,782.52 from Net-A-Porter, this beautiful gown would make you stand out in any crowd.

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