Monday, 23 May 2011

Spotlight On: Lost and Found Market

In my search for an outfit for the upcoming Mission 65 Event I decided to explore some of Melbourne's fantastic markets. Recently mentioned by superblogger Susie Bubble in her blog and by Rudy Rose on MTV, I was keen to checkout the Lost and Found Market in Collingwood.

With over four levels full of vintage clothing, accessories, furniture, books, records and bric-a-brac, you could easily spend hours searching through the fantastic range. As there are 38 different store holders occupying the space, you get a fantastic range of items with each store owner's personality and style coming across in the layout of each stall. Stall owners take turns working in the Market for free, which not only keeps the cost of goods down for shoppers, but means you can ask them about the history of items you are interested in. They also can provide advice on vintage items from different eras.

Two of the lovely store holders Kat and Joh were nice enough to give me some background about the market and their stores:

Kat is the Saturday Manager at the Lost and Found Market. You can find her stall at number 38. She specialises in small space dining, desks and small furniture, perfect for apartment living. She also stocks kitchenalia, barware and has a love for 70s things. Her homemade 70s bell sleeve African print dress colour co-ordinated perfectly with her stall!

Joh started trading vintage in 1996 in Flinders Lane before moving to Lost and Found. Joh gave me the following information about her stall: "I provide quality authentic garments, great examples of their time - like structural 80's designer prints, etc. 90% of the things you see in fashion magazines is derived from designs of the past. I offer the original garments, generally made from natural fibre, usually made in Australia and always better value than the new version."

Thanks to Kat and Joh for taking the time to have a chat to me!

If you're a lover of vintage, or are just looking for that special one-off piece, you must check out the Lost and Found Market. The difficult thing won't be finding something to buy, it will be trying not to buy everything in the whole shop!

Here are some of the great things to see at the Market:

Check out the Lost and Found Market at 12 Smith Street, Collingwood.
Contact the Lost and Found Market on (03) 9419 4477.
Opening hours: 7 Days, 10am - 6pm.
Find them on Facebook at the Lost and Found Social Club Group


  1. hehehe I like the Smurfs! So going to check this out - good work Stylus Muse!

  2. Thanks Mikey! They had two whole shelves full of smurfs so you definitely have to go check the place out! :)

  3. that girl Joh has helped me so many times when I have no time to look for things, such service! I always find something I want here..go lost and found!

  4. Joh' s fantastic! She really knows a lot about different eras of fashion which is great for someone like me who doesn't know a lot! I'm definitely going to become a regular at this market:)

  5. Love the lost and found market but miss it in its earlier incarnation just up the road when it was much more hidden and *lost and found*. Nonethless a fun post.

    If you're still looking for 1940s frock, I can highly recommend the Love Vintage fair on at the Showgrounds this weekend only. I went yesterday and picked up some great pieces although I'm more of a 1950s style gal myself. But overall jam-packed venue full of one-off frocks and accessories at really reasonable prices.

    Also good to check out for vintage: Vintage Garage which is about 14months old and at 318 Smith street, Collingwood. Can also highly recommend American Rag at Southgate - Eileen is magic at getting you into the right outfit for your bodyshape etc. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the great tips BusiChi! I managed to find an outfit at Lost and Found but will definitely check out Vintage Garage and American Rag:) I'm always looking for new places to shop!



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