Monday, 11 July 2011

Fashion Muse - Kate Bosworth

Kate in Valentino at the
Vanity Fair Party
American actress Kate Bosworth has played a variety of characters during her acting career. From Lois Lane in Superman Returns, to Sandra Dee in Beyond the Sea, a surfer in Blue Crush and a blackjack expert in 21, Bosworth has tried to not get pigeoned-holed into a girl-next-door role. 

Bosworth has also developed a reputation for her stylish fashion choices.  A regular on best dress lists around the world, Bosworth knows how to mix drama and minimalism to create a unique style which always sees her stand out.

Bosworth has been the face of Calvin Klein Jeans and a spokeswoman for Coach and Revlon. She also designed a range of jewellery with her stylist Cher Coulter, called Jewelmint. A regular in the front row of all the major fashion shows, Bosworth is usually seen in Valentino, Alexander Wang, Chloe and Calvin Klein.

Get Kate's look with slicked back hair, minimal make-up, jeans, playsuits, dramatic shoes and minimalistic shapes and styles.

Check out some of Kate's great looks:

Bosworth looking stunning in a
backless embellished gown
A great off-duty look
Loving the warm sweater and burgundy bag
Love this minimalist Calvin Klein outfit
A great example of festival chic
I love the bow detail on this embellished dress
Bosworth rocking red lips and wavy hair
at the 2009 Met Gala
Love the red boots!
Bosworth looking stunning
in Calvin Klein
Loving the delicate details on this black
and white dress
Favouring simple looks Bosworth looks
great in these Chloe scalloped edge shorts
Channeling old school glamour at the
Met Gala
Off-duty in a simple denim sundress
Bosworth rocking a minimalist
look in Jil Sander 
Bosworth matching her shoes and jacket
with her bright red dress
Bosworth in an edgy cutout Prada dress
Bosworth looking feminine in Chloe
Sleek hair compliments this simple look
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  1. I have to admit she always looks gorgeous .. but I won't forgive her for dating Alexander Skarsgard. He's supposed to be mine!!! ;)

  2. Look at this minimalist look, and this minimalist look, and this minimalist look....we get it. Kate's a minimalist. Her stylist is very original. Most of these pics are really old. Her red carpet things are pretty, but most of her everyday looks are unflattering. Aren't clothes supposed to make you, you know, look good?

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment:)

    I think everyone's opinion of what looks good is different, maybe she feels great in those clothes! As long as you wear something that you feel comfortable and happy in then you will feel good.

    Most of the pictures are old, but I don't believe pictures have to be new to inspire. I just chose looks which I thought showed her sense of style. Happy to take your feedback on board though and feature more up to date pictures in new posts.


  4. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :)

  5. OMG , Miss Bosworth is the prettiest, most chic girl in the world. Talented, aesthetically stunning, always stylish and polished to perfection. She is an icon and will be for decades.


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