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Interview - Kyra Pybus Part 1

In a competitive industry such as fashion, standing out from the crowd is essential for a label if they want to succeed. Hiring someone to manage your brands public relations can be a fantastic way to get editorial space, think of new campaigns and gain international exposure. The lovely Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR is a public relationship specialist who has focused her business on the Fashion and Lifestyle industries.

I was lucky enough to interview the talented Kyra and learn about what public relations can offer a label and the challenges she has faced starting her own PR company, Pybus PR.

1. Before starting Pybus PR in Melbourne, you worked in Dubai and London. How did working overseas influence your creativity and business?
Essentially, working in the United Arab Emirates I was working on campaigns that reach over fourteen nations across the GCC. The clients were well known labels that are British, Swedish and Italian. In the UK I was working with not only British but French luxury brands. This experience has given me a much broader perspective. In Australia we tend to be a lot more domestically focused. However we are all working more globally now. Our clients are looking at overseas markets. The designers need to be stocked and recognised overseas as well as here. Basically, my work overseas has made me see what I do here in Melbourne in a way that doesn’t neglect my clients potential in other markets.  

2. After working for boutique PR agencies, you decided to start your own practice, Pybus PR. What was your decision behind doing so?
Well I just took a chance when it came, and took a deep breath. I believed that there were far cleverer ways of doing PR than what I was observing practiced by Melbourne agencies. That was towards the end of 2008, which was probably the most difficult time in modern history to kick off a fresh new consultancy. Particularly for Public Relations. Profitability flatlined for agencies everywhere because clients cut back on their marketing when the GFC hit.  I feel like a success just for scraping through that time. To survive I diversified my offering, which has ultimately given me what I consider a head start on approaching the new social forms of communications. Pybus PR is now almost three years old and the hard work is paying off. 

3. You are distinct from your average consultancy as you studied Cultural Theory first and Media second. How does this advantage your clients?
Cultual Theory gave me a brilliant grounding in what it is I do for my clients. I studied Cultual Theory at Art School. Most of the people I now work with are creative souls, so I have a true empathy for the creative process. My point of difference is that I am easily able to position a clients’ work within a greater cultural context. I think this means better results. I did Comms, Marketing, PR and Management in Post-grad at Melbourne Uni. If my undergrad had been in Media then that knowledge would be history by now. The media landscape is obviously morphing far faster than formal education can keep up. 

4. Your practice Pybus PR focuses on the “gentle industries” (Fashion and Lifestyle). Why have you chosen to focus on these particular areas?
Haha. That’s me being ironic. Obviously the fashion industry isnt very gentle, it’s as grueling as any other I know of. It’s just that what is produced and the content we create gives so much joy, and we make it look easy. The culture of our society is my great broad interest. I’d like to think I’m smart enough to do PR for the Finance, Oil & Gas or Recruitment industries etc, but Fashion will never really be an affront to my personal ethics. 

5. What sets Pybus PR apart from other PR companies in the industry?
Global perspective, generosity and ethics. 

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The inspirational Pybus PR workspace
in Melbourne 
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  1. From someone who works in this industry, I can say that Kyra is a very talented professional! Fascinating read, can't wait to read a longer Part II, please pretty please!

  2. JC thank you for your kind words!
    Im so pleased you have read this, because actually you came up in conversation when I was answering the questions! Yes, there is a little Madame Virtue mention in the second part. So keep an eye out!
    Let me tell you I was so flattered to be approached by Lisa to contribute my perspectives in such a clever blog.

  3. Fabulous article Kyra! You are indeed a star and a dame in this industry!


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