Friday, 9 September 2011

MSFW In Pictures

Technology these days is so amazing. With the great camera quality of the iPhone you almost don't need to bring a camera around! I've had an amazing time at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week so far and thought I'd share some of my favourite images I've captured on my phone:

The end of the runway show at the
Designers Series Show - Boutique Series 
Loving the lights on the runway
The face of the festival Sophie Van Den Akker
closing the Designer Series Gala Runway 

in Rachel Gilbert
Thom from Everyone's Celebrity's amazing jacket!
He sewed on all the studs!
Young Republic Runway show
Richard Nylon Millinery with models dressed by Neo Dia
My amazing Molten Store Pyrite Ring
Dannii Minogue's J'Aton dress displayed in the Melbourne
Town Hall
White Suede on the runway with 
amazing Alexandra Blak perspex jewellery
Amazing paper horse in the window of Hermès
by Anna-Willi Highfield
The opening of the Designer Series - Gala
One of Dannii Minogue's beautiful J'Aton dresses
worn on the British Tv Show X-Factor
Images by Stylus Muse


  1. I love the denim jacket i like your blog.

    thanks for commenting on mine :)


  2. Thanks for the comment and the follow! I love your profile....hilarious!! This blog is fantastic. I love the background. Great post, I really get a feel for MSFW!

    Your newest follower :)


  3. It all looks so exciting. Awesome pics!

  4. Lovely people and amazing events came together for one week of fashion heaven.
    Em Filby, xx

  5. Wow I wish I could have been there! It looks amazing xx

  6. thanks for sharing these photos, i'm not following! hope you check my blog out?
    x. Jenn

  7. i love the studded sleeves! What great photographs, thank you for sharing them!


  8. Wish I could be at Fashion Week now!!! Great pics!!! And that studded jacket is ZOMG gorgeous!

    ps: cos ure so awesome with an amazing blog, Ive decided to award u with this little blog award, check out the link for more info, congrats! :)



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