Friday, 2 September 2011

Interview - Paula Kyle Walden Part 2

In Part 1 of my interview with jewellery designer Paula Kyle Walden, we learnt about her background and the process of making jewellery. In Part 2, we learn more about her work and challenges facing designers.

6. Your designs are fantastically unconventional, bordering on art. How do you balance your design aesthetic with creating pieces that will appeal to the commercial market?
This year I’ve really been focused on this. I’ve focused on finding a balance of creating a commercially viable product whilst keeping true to my love of creating pieces that are considered artistically directed. I’ve really started to look from the outside -  in when in my creative process and I’ve done some serious market research on what Australia consumers are pursuing. 

7. You work with a range of different materials such as metal and plastic. How do you think this brings an extra element to your label?
I guess it adds diversity and adds further interest to the labels aspect. Its been said that I’m a multi-media artist and that’s really true by definition. It adds an extra element / point of difference as most jewellery / accessory labels aren’t as tactile / artistically directed in approach by the way they develop product. 

8. Each of your collections are very unique. How do you ensure that you keep developing as a jeweller and that your collections always bring something new?
Each of my collections highly differ in aspect however there are consistent and repetitive connotations there that are true to my influences and beliefs. Having a self-directed business allows me to continue and indulge with being up most a creative practitioner thus my developmental process is evolutional by a natural consequence.  

9. What have been some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced as an up-and-coming designer in such a competitive industry?
It’s primarily fiscal. The greatest challenge I’ve faced is surviving, I’ve really had to look deep in order to persevere. I lost a lot of money when I started out and I really had to learn to be smart and strategic with my finances. 

10. What’s next for Paula Kyle Walden?
Business. I mean business this year. My focus has changed from previous years. Cultivating a business whilst studying full-time was challenging to say the least. Now that I get to focus solely on the label I’m getting more and more stockists in Australia. Next year, I’ll be looking at international markets.  

A beautiful picture Paula drew for me for my blog
with her amazing tactical response headpiece in the corner!
Thank you Paula for taking the time to answer my questions! I have no doubt you'll have great success in Australia and overseas with your beautiful and unique designs.

Check out more of Paula's amazing designs on her website and on Facebook.


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  5. Great interview. Wonderful creative designer. Xxxx


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