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Interview - Paula Kyle Walden Part 1

Paula in one of her beautiful
If you're looking for jewellery that's a little bit different, look no further than Australian designer Paula Kyle Walden's beautiful creations. Pushing the boundaries of fashion as art, Paula's designs have not only caught the eye of the Australian market, but she is gaining recognition overseas, winning the ID Dunedin competition in New Zealand in March last year.

I was lucky enough to interview Paula to learn about her experiences in the fashion industry.

1.You have qualifications in Interior Design, Jewellery and Fine Arts. What was your decision behind launching your own accessories label?
I initially studied for a diploma in interior design, then did a jewellery apprenticeship, and last year I completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts with fashion at QUT. Interior design set me up mentally to design, with its principles and elements. So when I started jewellery, design itself became a strong influence to my way with jewellery construction. And the decision to study fashion was always directional to honing my natural senses of how I perceived jewellery design to being parallel with fashion.  I cultivated the business whilst studying fashion and I’ve always had a natural instinct for design. I also thought that I could present something unique to the market. On a personal level, I grew up with a father who was an intelligent, strict but fair businessman so I love the concept of developing a business.  

2. Your beautiful designs recently won the International Award for jewellery design in New Zealand at the ID Dunedin competition. How important are competitions such as these for helping up-and-coming designers?
Competitions are important. They allow emerging designers to really push themselves. This competition was great as it was an international one and I got to compare what I do against people from the rest of the world…. I met some super cool people too. From an industry perspective though, comps are important as they allow designers further exposure.
Paula at the ID Dunedin competition
3. How difficult is the process of taking your thoughts and concepts, and turning them into wonderful pieces?
I find that the intrinsic process of developing feelings and thoughts into tangible products is where I find truest sense of living…nothing makes me feel more happy and captivated. 

4. Your designs are all handmade in Australia. Why do you think it’s important to support the Australian industry by not outsourcing production overseas?
Generally, it’s important for our economy. Personally, I believe in keeping things vertically integrated. I think it grants to having a product that has integrity and a point of difference to what else is on the market. 

5. You have collaborated with designers such as Gail Sorronda, George Wu and Fernando Frisoni? What benefits do such collaborations bring to your brand and to you as a designer?
Collaborations are an important creative process to me. It keeps my creative head more open. I also think that it allows for the brand to be seen in another aspect and the opportunity of seeing jewellery / accessories parallel to a fashion brand extends my philosophy further.  

Check out Part 2 of this interview here!

In the meantime, check out some of Paula's beautiful work:

Images courtesy of Paula Kyle Walden and


  1. She is really talented and creative. Love the piece on the last photo.

    The French Bun

  2. Hey, a tax consultant with a love for fashion! Wow. Thanks for sharing the interview. She is super-talented. Love her quirky and edgy designs.

    Great blog. Do take out time to visit mine. Would love to see you there.


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