Thursday, 25 August 2011

Behind The Scenes - Lover

Miranda Kerr in the
Lover Serpent Dress
Working in a typically standard office with rows and rows of cubicles, means it's hard to be inspired creatively. I always wonder what amazing spaces designers work in, to inspire such beautiful designs.

A glimpse into the Lover studio is exactly what I imagined the ideal creative space to be. Beautiful high ceilings with stark white wall and beautiful polished wooden floorboards. The minimalist workspace is littered with colourful magazines, reams of material and racks of beautiful clothes.

Celebrating their tenth year, Lover designers Nic Briand and Susien Chong presented their latest collection, White Serpent, at Rosemount Fashion Week in Sydney earlier this year. The name White Serpent was inspired by a Chinese fable which tells the story of a young scholar who falls in love with a beautiful woman, unaware that her true form is a white snake. A monk, wanting to prevent the lovers from being together, traps the woman for eternity in Hangzhou's Leifeng Pagoda.

Christine Centenera in the
Lover Wiccan dress
Lover's typically vintage and feminine aesthetic is captured in perfectly in the beautiful flowing lace dresses of their White Serpent collection. 

When Briand and Chong first launched Lover at the Bondi Markets, I don't think they ever imagined the label would become as successful as it is today.

Briand and Chong have a refreshingly down to earth approach to promoting their label. When speaking about social media, Chong said "I think everything we've done has always been through an authentic desire just to connect with people." It seems Chong and Briand have made sure that everything they do fits in with the Lover aesthetic.  Even before they became well know, Briand said "The first people [to whom] we said, 'Yeah sure, have that top, take those pants' were real girls. They were working in galleries or playing a guitar and doing a gig here and there. They were just day-to-day, but to us that was more exciting than packaging up a whole thing and sending it off to Paris Hilton." 

The White Serpent collection will be available in stores in October. With Lover just being picked up by retail giant David Jones, the brand's unique designs have allowed them to defy the challenges facing other labels in the industry and cement their place on the Australian fashion scene.

Check out the inspiring Lover workspace:

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