Monday, 27 June 2011

Fashion Muse - Miranda Kerr

Let's face it, Miranda Kerr would look in a paperbag. The first Australian Victoria's Secret angel, Kerr isn't just a pretty face. A strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle, Kerr launched her own organic skincare line called KORA Organics. 

After modelling for chain stores, David Jones and Victoria's Secret, Kerr is gradually moving into the world of high fashion. Gracing the cover of Vogue US and becoming the first ever pregnant Vogue cover girl when she landed the cover of Vogue Australia while 6 months pregnant, Kerr has also walked the runway for Balenciaga and Prada, and graced campaigns for Jil Sander and Prada.

Marrying equally attractive actor Orlando Bloom in July 2010, the pair welcomed baby Flynn in January this year. Kerr is actively involved with Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and Children International.

Kerr favours bright colours on the red carpet, moving easily between short mini-dresses, to glamourous long gowns. Off duty, Kerr is regularly seen in maxi dresses, fitted blazers and favours a Prada bag or a Louis Vuitton dog carrier for her cute Yorkshire Terrier Frankie. 

Kerr rocking a man-style blazer
Kerr with her Yorkshire Terrier Frankie
Love the Louis Vuitton dog carrier
Kerr and Bloom make a very stylish couple
Kerr looks fantastic in Jil Sander
A beautiful simple outfit which
would stand out from the crowd
Showing off her baby bump in a
beautiful mini dress
In a Herve Leger bandage dress, a favourite
of Victoria Secret Angels
In Louis Vuitton
Showing off her amazing body in Jil Sander
at the Met Gala
Loving the red lippie!
A perfect ladylike look with a beautiful
ruffled Prada bag
Showing off her pins in a detailed mini
Loving the pink blazer and Prada bag
The perfect dress for a long flight
Love the blue bag with this simple look
A simple playsuit makes a great off-duty look
Kerr is regularly seen in maxi dresses
and denim jackets off-duty
Kerr introducing Bloom to the Australian
racing season
Kerr supporting Sydney Fashion Week
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  1. i lvoe miranda keer! makes me proud to be aussie, she has a beautiful smile


  2. She puts quite simple pieces together beautifully! It's not all about her beautiful body .. but certainly helps!! LOVE the pink blazer.

  3. Lovely blog.. we have girl crush on M.Kerr

    great images, we are following xo xo

  4. love this post & the tangerine dress she is wearing!

  5. Absolute love her! She is such an ambassador of fashion, health and positive thinking!

    Beautiful blog!xXx

  6. i adore miss kerr she is absolutely gorgeous and looks fabulous in anything!

  7. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment!

    When you've got a body like Miranda's, I think anything would look good!

    Love her red carpet and off duty style:) The actual pieces are quite simple but she makes them look amazing!


  8. I love Miranda Kerr's style :) Even though she has undeniably great body, I think her style is subtle and sophisticated, so you've got a great package!

    I'd love to follow you. Care to follow each other? :) XO

    Fash Chronicles


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