Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fashion Muse - Garance Doré

After quickly finding fame with her street style shots of stylish Parisians, fashion photographer, illustrator and writer Garance Doré has become recognised as an important fashion influence. Named by French Vogue as one of "40 Women of the Decade", between writing for her blog and capturing stylish people in the streets, Doré has been commissioned to shoot fashion editorials for French Elle and ad campaigns for fashion house Moschino. 

Partner to arguably the most influential street style photographer Scott Schuman from the Satorialist, Doré was hesitant to start her own blog, but with encouragement from Schuman, she soon started capturing the fashionable people of Paris. Her blog quickly gained local and international followers, with her warm, friendly writing style enabling users to connect with her.

Moving to New York to be with Schuman was a risk for Doré, who had made her name documenting French fashion however, it has not seemed to affect her popularity, if anything, in fashion-mad New York, Doré's popularity has continued to grow.

Doré's style is effortlessly French. Favouring pants and shirts, Doré always looks fresh faced . Generally seen in conservative outfits, Doré expresses her fun personality with bright bags.

Get Garance's style with simple colours, classic silhouettes and minimal make-up.

A polka dot skirt adds an unexpected element
to this classic outfit
Love this patterned skirt!

A beautiful bag brightens up
this neutral outfit 

Love the collar on this jacket!

A fantastic casual outfit 

Doré with partner The Satorialist, Scott Schuman

A beautiful scarf and bag keep this outfit interesting

Great shoes and accessories work perfectly
with this outfit

Making double denim work with some classic wedges

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  1. Nice work Miss Stylus Muse! I am also a big fan of Garance - her illustrations are the epitome of french chic and I adore the joie de vivre in her streetstyle photos. Also a pleasure to meet and photograph the lady herself when she was at shoppo last year! Check it out>

  2. Thanks BusiChic! LOVE your photos of Garance! Her natural beauty really comes across in your pictures:)


  3. Nice blog. This post is so beautiful. I like your post very much. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.

    Garance Dore


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