Sunday, 12 June 2011

Business Cards - Nice Design

Thank you to Nice Design for my beautiful business cards! 

Started by graphic designer Ewnice Ng, Nice Design offer a range of creative solutions and products for your business or personal requirements. From business cards and website design, to invitations and visual merchandising, Nice Design have the talent to create a product perfect for you.

To learn more about Nice Design, check out their website and portfolio here, find them on Facebook here, or email the team at

Image courtesy of Nice Design


  1. WOW! What Awesome cards!!!

  2. It's so cool how you got cards done for your blog, I did that too, but mine were homemade, hahaha.
    xoxo, Veena <3

  3. Nice Design did a fantastic job! :D

    I was too embarrassed to keep handing out my blog on pieces of paper Veena:P I'm sure yours look fine! :D It's definitely handy having cards when you're at events!

  4. Today Business card can be important as your website identity. Business card creates a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers service business cards can become great interactive elements in present time .Business card is a small card that has a person's name on it, as well as the address, telephone number, and email address of the company .But what is more important, business card is the first impression you make on a customer. So, it is vital distinctive and unique business card so as to prove yourself to each worth meeting again. so this is as customer and business service related identification . According to this blog have good information about business cards and nice looking cards info .
    Thanks & Regards
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  5. Business cards are very much important for the owners of businesses. It is one of the solid ways of promoting a business. But it does not mean that people take and have a look at the business card always.

  6. Best business cards specially for fashion designing industry looks colorful it must need high Ink and Cartridge for bulk printing also the printer must be high yield and branded for such type of printing.


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