Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Speak Up

As part of Sportsgirl's 'Speak Up' Campaign, the retailer has launched Australia's first online retail community. Coincidentally in the same week Spanish retail giant Zara landed in Melbourne, Sportsgirl have created an online community in an attempt to socialise the e-commerce experience of their customers. Sportsgirl aim to give their shoppers a voice through forums, blogs, vlogs, vox pops and polls, encouraging interaction with other consumers and representatives of the Sportsgirl brand.

Online communities such as these help develop brand loyalty and encourage the use of online stores. Sportsgirl have indicated that developing this online community is a key brand initiative for the retailer this year. Elle Roseby, CEO of Sportsgirl stated "Its a great platform for experiencing the brand and we want to ensure we remain relevant with our customers and the way we communicate with them." As with most on-line marketing campaigns, the Sportgirl forum links in with other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, making it easier for users to share the site with their friends.

Other brands such as Asos, have shown how successful these forums can be, not only on a domestic level, but on a global scale. Sportsgirl are showing that they are taking steps to ensure they aren't outshone by Zara or other local and overseas competitors. It will be interesting to see what new marketing initiatives other retailers will have to adopt in order to compete in an increasingly competitive industry.

Information sourced from http://www.marketingmag.com.au/articles/news/1451/sportsgirl-launches-australia-s-first-retail-community/
Images courtesy of http://sportsgirl.com.au

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