Friday, 24 June 2011

Interview - Cecylia Kee Part 2

In Part 1, we learned about Cecylia's experience going from working as a vet, to starting her own boutique. In Part 2, we learn more about some of the challenges facing retailers today.

6. You only stock designers who manufacture their products in 
their own country. Are you finding it increasingly difficult to find designers to stock given that so many are shifting production offshore?
Yes, many are turning to overseas manufacturing and the GFC really has not helped. But we have found a whole shop full of them!

7. What did you wish you knew when you first started your business?
That the average size in Australia is size 12, not 8.

8. Do you think there is enough support for small businesses? (e.g. from the government, council, community)
Maybe there is, but we haven't received much, aside from our dear friends at Madam Virtue. It may be just that we are so young, a mere one-year-old boutique.

9. Do you find that the Australian fashion industry is collaborative and supportive, or is everyman (or woman!) for themselves?
As a Gen Y, I would say that there is much more acceptance of collaboration and support all around. Again, I've only been in it for a year, so my judgement is probably flawed. But there will always be some who would prefer to keep their secrets to themselves, whichever era they are from.

10. Since opening your boutique, what has been the most surprising and
unexpected thing you’ve experienced?
That I would meet someone every day who inspires me from a different angle.

11. What do you love most about your job?
These interviews! :) Taking my family, hubby and Theodore to fashion shows.

Thank you Cecylia for taking the time to give us an insight into the tough retail world! All the best for the future! I have no doubt your beautiful store will continue to go from strength to strength.

Check out some of the wonderful events Cecylia has hosted at her boutique here and here!

To check out some of Cecylia's enviable wardrobe click here and here.

Check out Cecylia Boutique's website here.
Like Cecylia Boutique on Facebook here.
Check out Cecylia's fantastic blog here.

So many beautiful things to buy!
A stunning Sophia Kokosalaki burnt orange dress
The beautiful changerooms
Beautifully set up clothes, shoes and accessories make
it easy to find a complete outfit!
You can always find the perfect statement accessory at
Cecylia Boutique!
Images by Stylus Muse


  1. Interesting insight into the fashion industry. Great interview!

  2. i love those shoes!!! amazing post hon!

  3. Cecylia has only been around for a year, yet it has such a wide influence and a unique, clear point of difference. Im sure its giving more established retailers a run for their money. If you could count on the same high level of service and product knowledge in more Australian shops we would have a far more inspiring fashion landscape. Ms. Kee has a very good buyers eye. The shop is an essential stop in the retail trail around Melbourne.


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