Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Week In The Wardrobe Of - Cecylia Kee Part 1

One thing I love about fashion is the way each person has their own unique style and can interpret even the most basic items in so many different ways. I really enjoy meeting people for whom dressing isn’t just a necessity, but a way of expressing their personalities.  "A Week In The Wardrobe Of" feature will focus on people who not only have inspirational style, but who have a great outlook on life.

Today I'll be featuring the first 3 of 7 different looks from Cecylia boutique co-owner Cecylia Kee. After starting out as a vet, Cecylia decided to start her own boutique, Cecylia, on High Street in Armadale. The boutique just recently turned 1 and I was lucky enough to attend the celebrations!

Cecylia's style is a great mix of vintage and designer pieces, many of which can be bought from her beautiful store.

In order to learn more about Cecylia's style, she answered a few questions for me:
Q1. How would you describe your style in 5 words?
A. Modern, romantic with an edge.
Q2. If you were a brand, what brand would you be?
A. I would be a fusion of Erdem and Preen, girly prints mixed with clean structured lines.
Q3. What is your most treasured item?
A. My most treasured item would be my beloved husband - after all we are an item!
Q4. Who's wardrobe would you like to have for a week?
A. I would love to have Anna Dello Russo's wardrobe forever! Or Taylor Tomasi-Hill (Accessories Editor of Marie Claire US)...Hmmm Kate Bosworth's if i could fit into her garments!
Q5. What is your fashion motto?
A. Every day is worth dressing up for.

Check out some of Cecylia's enviable wardrobe below:

Coat : Vintage
Dress: Gail Sorronda
Necklace: Mawi
Bag: Bally
Shoes: Repetto

Top: Vintage John Cavill
Shorts: Amy Kaene (Available from Cecylia)
Necklace: Damselfly
Belt and Sunnies: Vintage
Shoes: Robert Robert
Ring: YSL

Coat, necklace and bag - Vintage
Dress- Karla Spetic
Ring: Mawi (Available from Cecylia Boutique)
Shoes - Repetto (Available from Cecylia Boutique)

Click here for Part 2!


  1. Thanks doll, you're too kind.

  2. No problems at all CC! Your wardrobe is beautiful!



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