Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fashion Muse: Olivia Palermo

She's the girl we all love to hate on reality TV show The City, but Oliva Palermo cannot put a fashion foot wrong.

With the ability to mix prints and styles in a way that shouldn't work but somehow does, she has mastered the art of mixing high street fashion, with high end designers. This is a trend we are increasingly seeing in street fashion around the world.  With the GFC affecting economies globally, consumers couldn't always afford to dress head-to-toe in designer gear.  As a result, we have seen consumers mix Chanel, LV and Balenciaga, with Topshop, asos and Zara. With high street retailers turning over clothes on a weekly basis, this meant consumers could still afford to keep up with trends, without breaking the bank.

Palermo was recently the face of the magazine and is currently the face of Mango. Her love for high street fashion has meant that her style is not just accessable to those with a socialite budget.  Not only has she mastered the art of dressing up, her street style is the right mix of comfort and style. A regular feature at fashion week, Palermo has a new reality TV series in the works.  She might not be the nicest girl on TV, but she certainly great to watch!

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You can channel Olivia's style by mixing bold prints, wearing statement necklaces and detailed shoes and tailored man style pants and jackets.
I love the unique red jacket which brightens up a neutral outfit.

A fan of statement necklaces, Palermo knows how to balance them with simple outfits.

Not afraid to recycle clothes and accessories, this
vintage Hermes clutch is on regular rotation in Palermo's wardrobe.

Often seen wearing prints, Palermo isn't afraid of wearing bright colours.

Palermo rarely wears boring footwear
and often uses it to add a kick to a simple outfit.

Often seen in tailored man style outfits,
Palermos shows she can rock a pair of pants.
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