Friday, 29 April 2011

Désir du jour - Lucy Folk

Feeling like pasta for dinner? Unfortunately you can't eat these beautiful necklaces, but inspired by cute bow tie pasta, they look like the real thing! Available in black and silver, these items are a classic example of jeweller Lucy Folk's food inspired pieces. Taking inspiration from food such as corn chips, pretzels and seafood, Folk has created a four collections of yummy jewellery which looks good enough to eat!

After finishing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 2003 with a major in Gold and Silversmithing, Folk completed an internship in Berlin with renowned design collection Chicks on Speed. Upon returning to Australia in 2005, Folk launched her range of "wearable food". Each piece is made out of 18ct silver or gold and is stamped with a limited edition number. Each piece is handcrafted so no two piece is the same.

Her kitch jewellery has been seen on rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Lily Allen, and in 2008 she was nominated as 'Accessory Designer of the Year' by Marie Claire.

For those of you looking for a way to combine your love for food with your love for fashion then look no further than Lucy Folk's unique designs.

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