Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Désir du jour - Jolet

Formally trained in graphic design at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, designer Jolet Ucchino decided to use her skills to start her own label. In 2008, Jolet the label was born. Featuring interesting cuts and silhouettes, Jolet designs incorporate unique folds and pleats whilst maintaining wearability. She easily juxtaposes masculine shapes with feminine materials and features. 

Working under Akira Isogawa, Rich and Claude Maus, Ucchino was able to hone her design skills. Winning numerous awards including the Fledgling Designer Project held by Melbourne label Body in 2007, Ucchino's collections show how she is continuing to develop as a designer. The pieces in each season work well together to allow the Jolet customer to easily layer different garments.

In her AW11 collection, Ucchino has used her skills in graphic design to introduce a new element to her pieces. Ucchino has incorporated a beautiful winter landscape into her designs by using the print to enhance dresses, shirts and skirts.

I love the use of cooling colours and print on the Winter Melancholy Silk Dress, which turns a simple dress into something unique. The print has creatively been used not only on the body of the dress but also on the voluminous sleeves. Stockists for Ucchino's beautiful designs can be found here.

Ucchino is another designer who has chosen to support the Australian industry by not shifting her manufacturing off-shore. 

Although at higher cost to the designer, it's great to see up-and-coming labels keeping work in the country. Hopefully other labels continue to follow brands like Jolet and support the Australian manufacturing industry.

Image and information sourced from http://jolet.com.au

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