Friday, 8 April 2011

Where Is It Made?

Karla Spetic
Prior to talking to people in the fashion industry, I never thought much about where my clothes were made. I always liked supporting Australian designers but never took the time to consider where production of their clothes actually took place. On closer inspection, there are very few clothes by Australian designers made in Australia. 

As cheaper labour costs and economies of scale often mean it’s cheaper for designers to produce their clothes overseas, this shift in production function offshore has detrimentally affected the manufacturing industry in Australia. Less manufacturing in Australia means less employment, and the loss of expertise of niche manufacturing skills (e.g. the ability to produce wool and silk garments).

Hopefully as consumers become educated about this important issue, we can all do our bit to support the cause for keeping manufacturing, and as a result, jobs, in Australia.                              
                                                                                                              So how can you help? I’m not suggesting you only buy Australian made goods, but it is important to educate those around you about this issue.  Also, you can support the designers who produce in Australia, and retailers who chose to only stock Australian made products.  For example, Cecylia boutique in Armadale only stocks labels who produce their clothes in Australia (e.g. Karla SpeticBento, Sara Phillips). Stayed tuned for an interview with co-owner of Cecylia boutique, Cecylia Kee, where she discusses this very issue and more!

So next time you go shopping, remember to check the label!

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