Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Zara's Here - Almost

Update: Scheduled to open at the end of April, Zara management have announced that the opening of the Melbourne Zara store on Bourke Street Mall has been delayed. No revised date has been set however, management are anticipating by June this year the store will be ready. 

The Sydney store opened on 20 April without any problems. Although products were shipped from Spain, price points appear to be consistent with the Zara pricing overseas. Jeans were priced at $69.95, chinos at $79.95 and trench coats from $119.

Zara currently does not have an online retail facility which ships to Australia, and could not confirm if and when one would be established. Zara also have not determined whether there will be any stores outside of Melbourne and Sydney.

With Zara opening in Sydney today, we can expect big crowds flocking to the Spanish retail giant's first Australian store.

Here's a sneak peak of what we can expect in Australia:

Staying true to Zara's minimalistic approach to fashion, the collection looks true to the stock available overseas. Often when international companies open stores in Australia, the range they select to stock here does not translate well to the market. Companies such as Mango have had limited success in Australia due to poor range selection.  With Zara's aggressive approach to expansion and its global success in many countries, you can be sure they have adequately researched the tastes of the Australian market. Only time will tell whether they have got it right.

To learn more about Zara read Game Changer? Zara's Coming.

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