Friday, 5 August 2011

Interview - Neo Dia Part 2

In Part 1 of my interview, we heard about Becky and Gavin's experiences starting up their label. In Part 2, we learn more about their business and what is coming up for Neo Dia.
6. In the past few years, a lot of new and established labels have had to stop designing. The retail industry is struggling and it’s difficult to break in as a new label. What support would you like to see from the industry and government for up-and-coming designers?
Mentorship, grants, small business seminars. Most people in this industry are extremely creative and lack in the business management side of the label. When starting a label many young designers have the skills and talent but are unsure about dealing with investing and business. Unfortunately, some make big investment mistakes and i think this is the area up-and-coming designers need the most support.

7. Having an online presence has become common for designers when promoting their label. You already have a Facebook page, how else are you planning on using different media to engage with consumers and promote your brand?
An online presence is extremely important in our industry, as it allows us to present our label to the world at the touch of a button! Even though we have a website for our label,, it is definitely our Facebook page which gets the most clicks! As well as it is the easiest way to connect with our fans. It's crazy to think that we were actually discovered by Vogue Italia and Modefabriek through our facebook!

In regards to other media we might use, we would love to do some “guerrilla” marketing which would be a lot of fun to execute.

8. You use a range of beautiful fabrics for your designs. As an up-and-coming label, what are some of the challenges of sourcing materials, without pushing the costs of your pieces up?
The use of high quality fabrics are extremely important to us and a core element of our label aesthetic. It is a reality that this places our product at the higher price spectrum of the industry. However, we believe that our customer is willing to spend that little bit extra on quality for a beautifully crafted garment. In return, we always make sure that our fabrics are of the highest quality and source gorgeous European fabrics to make sure that our customer loves the investment in our garments.

9. Who would you most like to see in Neo Dia and why?
We would love to see Cate Blanchett and Daphne Guinness in our ready-to-wear but we would kill to create an Avant-Garde piece for Lady Gaga. These women are huge advocates for unique fashion and have a bold and exciting style and it is this confidence which we believe is very true of a "Neo Dia Woman".

10. What’s next for Neo Dia?
We're in the throws of the initial design and development phase of our next collection. We've got a few exciting opportunities coming up in the next few months with LMFF and more international press. Ultimately we really want to keep the label building and focusing on each collection and building and experimenting with art and fashion!


Thank you to the talented Becky and Gavin for taking the time to answer my questions! Neo Dia has an amazing future ahead of it and I wish you both all the best. 

Visit Neo Dia's website here.
Check out Neo Dia's Facebook page here.

Check out Neo Dia's amazing Lucid Construct collection:

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